We believe value is created by connection.

And we invite you to help us achieve a community connected through purposeful collaborations. As a Fortified Partner, you become an integral part of that community.

We create fortified connections through events with a purpose, always with an emphasis on local business, 
local food and local love. With your partnership, you support this mission and receive access to all Fortified events which include opportunities to break bread with community members, all while meeting new friends and old. 

We don’t believe that fun and philanthropy should be separate, so we present diverse, engaging events all year long. From the Pinked Rosé wine tasting to our well-known Fortified Farm
Dinners to an exciting new Spirits Festival, we bring people together for good causes and good times!

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help to build cooperative currency and community capital, for all of us. 

We are stronger together. 


Partnerships help us achieve even more.

Partner with Fortified Collaborations at one of the levels below and enjoy the benefits listed. 


Are you ready to make a bigger impact in your community
and to cultivate a more connected business?