What's a Pop-Up?

Imagine creating a buzz around an event that is both exclusive and surprising in its space and composition. The Pop-Up is a popular trend in event marketing, and Fortified is the first to nail down this model for the Fort Collins business community. A spontaneous experience cultivated with the help of Fortified Collaborations will connect the public to your business on a personal level.

We understand that a Pop-Up must be born in the unexpected, and that social media brings the word of mouth that is critical to this modern approach in guerrilla marketing. Is a Pop-Up right for you? Let's start a conversation.



We believe that community is strengthened by connection.

Fortified Options for Your Brand

What type of event fits your business and brand personality? We have the know-how and connections to create marketing events suited to your needs. Our experience and expertise have been applied to tradeshows, wellness summits, conferences, makers markets, music happenings, and more.

Along the way, we keep our sources local to Fort Collins and to our greater Colorado neighborhood. The abundance that we feel from these connections can be yours, and the reward that comes from sourcing services through your local economy is a tangible benefit to hiring Fortified Collaborations.



Book it.

Need a Space for a Party?

We get it. Sometimes event needs are super simple, like just needing to book a space for your next office party. We've got a line on that, too.