a seat at the table


eat. drink. do good.

Welcome, and thank you for purchasing A Seat at the Table. The funds raised from your purchase help to support local agriculture, raise donations for community nonprofits and also fortify our local businesses. 

The certificate you hold entitles you to full entry and the benefits of a 2018 Fortified Collaborations event featuring locally-curated food and drink in unique settings around Fort Collins with farmers, friends and neighbors. Each Fortified Collaborations event also has a component of giving back to the community through a donation of funds raised. 

Choose from a number of year-round events that showcase the best of Fort Collins bicycles, businesses, farms, music, food and drink. Click below to see the 2018 calendar of events. 

After choosing the event you would like to attend, click the button below to reserve your seat.


A few reminders:

Your certificate must be redeemed a minimum of 1 week before the event date. This allows us to reduce food waste and accommodate our guests dietary needs (vegetarian, gluten-free) with an accurate headcount of the event.

The certificate is non-transferrable after your seat has been reserved. We understand that life happens but due to the nature of our events we are unable to re-issue a certificate once it has been redeemed. Certificates are only valid for one use in 2018.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Why do I have this?
Because someone knows you would love to attend a community-oriented event full of good food, drink and company! Lucky you!

What events can I come to with this certificate?
Any Fortified Collaborations event that offers ticket sales to the public is open to you. See them all on our Tickets page.

How do I reserve my seat?
Please send an email to info@fortifiedcollaborations.com at least one week prior to the event to tell us which event you’d like to attend and we’ll add your name to the list and make sure you get any email updates about the event. 

What kind of seats do you have?
We have folding chairs at our dinners. Some events might not have seats.

What if I want to give my seat to someone else?
That’s fine, just give them your ticket and have them contact us. 

I have dietary restrictions. Will there be food for me?
Yes. We always ask the chef to provide gluten-free and vegetarian options. Most courses at the dinners are served family-style, so there is no menu to order from. If you have severe food allergies, please contact us. 

I don’t drink alcohol. Will there be something for me to drink?
Yes! We partner with Happy Lucky’s Teahouse to provide tea pairings for each dinner.

I only drink wine. Will there be wine?
We strive to provide a variety of drink selections at every event. However, since we rely on donations to ensure give-back to the non-profits, we are not always able to provide wine.

What should I wear?
It depends on the event. Farm dinners take place on working farms, with all that entails, including uneven ground, wind, sun, cold and insects.

How can I get to the event?
We offer free shuttles to and from our farm dinners and some of our other events. We also always encourage riding your bike and carpooling. Parking at the farms is often limited. All of these sorts of details come to you via email after you’ve confirmed the event you’ll attend.

I have mobility restrictions. Can you accommodate me?
We will do our best! Please contact us if you have any concerns about access to the event site.

Can I bring my kid?
Many of our events are advertised as 21 and over due to the liquor served, but if you’d like to purchase another seat for your child, you are welcome to do so. Some events are family friendly. All guests must have tickets.

Can I bring my dog?
As much as we love dogs, they are not allowed at any of our events. 

Will there be chickens/goats/horses?
If it’s a farm event, there will probably be some animals around. Please don’t feed the animals.